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Provincial Labour Office Phichit

3 Add 3 reduction measures (policy of Minister of Labor).


as policy,

Mr.Phaitoon Kaewthong

Minister of Labor..
3 reduction measures
Reduce termination.

* Help employees who are eligible to receive termination benefits under the law effective.

Protection workers.
* Reduce the rate of social insurance fund. The reduction of 3 per cent of the cost.

* Project finance slower lay workers. Credit to the workplace.

The low interest rate (limit 6,000 million baht).

Reduce the labor movement.
* Project loan crisis Thai workers return to the place. The credit to career.

Independent of low interest rates (limit 4,000 million baht).
* Urgent and increasing employment skills, career skills in the victims.

Danger and trouble that no job to do from the economic crisis.

Work on various utility (Limit 300 million baht).

Reduce employee cost of living and unemployment.
* The welfare workers in the workplace, business establishment, including dairy corner.

Mothers in the workplace affairs.
* Extended to receive benefits if alternative is termination.
From 180 days to 240 days old by the insurance coverage from.

Termination is in the economic crisis. During the December 1, 2551 -.

December 31, 2552.

Add 3 measures

Increase employment and jobs.
* Project is a community, strong work. Conducted a mobile unit.
Out services in the community and district by car Mobile Unit.
* Project Labor Day meeting.
* Project has the opportunity to make new graduates.
The unemployed people and events. “Show occupation”.
* Graduate Employment Program Volunteer southern provinces.
Security problems in southern border provinces.

Add options to professionals.

* Project to create new career unemployment. The training of.

And demonstrated professional and practice needs of the unemployed.
* Skill development to enhance career opportunities.
* Development / promotion of independent professionals. To individuals.

Add Skills Skill.
* Professional training for employees in the workplace affairs.
To be affected by the economic crisis.